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Life Is Testing Your Resolve

When things look blackest, keep going! Victory always hinges on perseverance, when everything seems lost, when dreams seem to go up in smoke, when you are too tired to take the next step. Keep faith in yourself.  Remain true to your dreams.  Life is testing your resolve. A dream connected to a larger dream, to […]

Become the Dream

We tend to think about ourselves in certain circumscribed terms. We are this, we are that.  We have certain limits, so far and no farther. We may dream of a different life, but reality drags us down.  How much can we expand ourselves to match our dreams? Everything starts and ends with the moment.  There […]

Time for the Heart of a Lion

Death is the failure to unleash the power of your own life.  Death is the stifling of your voice. Dreams incubate in the inner realm of our mind, crying for expression, one after the other, seeking a tongue, seeking to paint the universe beyond in the colors and drama of our own mind. Life and […]

The Most Difficult Thing

The most difficult thing is to believe in yourself. We are one among billions on the planet, and who are we and why are we here?  Youth sometimes despair, even think of ending it all. The truth is something astounding, even unbelievable. You are the prime point of the entire universe.  Everything revolves around you.  […]

Heart of a Lion

Our self contains the power to give expression to the boldest dream ever imagined, yet dreams languish and die because of a lack of tenacity, of sweat and labor and fear and the hurdles of the mind. Who will win? Those with the heart of a lion. __________________________________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, […]

Be A Dream

Be a dream. Be the unfolding of Transformation. Light from dark, Joy from dead-end Black holes of No light. Wherever you are, Wherever you go, Poles switch from South to north, Laughter bursts Into eruptions of Overcoming, Vision, Eternity, Stars, Suns, Reflections of Yourself. ___________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author […]

During the Dark Hours

DURING THE DARK HOURS Sometimes we wind our way up from the depths – to bloom as stunning beauties in the light. ____________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of ten nonfiction books. He’s sharing videos of readings of short inspirational pieces from his books to people all across the country […]


Resolve.  When things seem blackest, keep going. __________________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of ten non-fiction books.

Move The Universe With The Levers Of Your Heart

So many of us are struggling to give expression to our dreams.  But doubts get in our way. Believe in yourself!  This is still the way through. Until our confidence and faith in ourselves and unrelenting action overcome the negativity in our minds, the universe around us – our universe – will not respond, or […]

The Moment is Forever Now

THE MOMENT IS NOW One has to believe in oneself, against all odds. There is nothing more important.  Let go all ordinary matters. Sharpen your intent.  Call up the voice that has always been within you, deep down, the magical self, that, once believed in and given credence, brings forth immense power and actualization. There […]