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Chingiz Aitmatov/Daisaku Ikeda – Dialogue of Giants

Chingiz Aitmatov, the great Russian and Kyrgyz writer, is not that well known in the Western world, although he was one of the greatest writers in the Russian and Kyrgyz languages in the latter half of the twentieth century.  He was also the ambassador for Kyrgyzstan to the European Union, NATA, and UNESCO.  He was […]

Nuclear Madness Once Again

Nuclear weapons are once again coming to the fore of our consciousness. They have been there all along, but the tension is growing worldwide – with sword rattling from North Korea, and fighting between India and Pakistan resuming – but most of all in the alarming breakdown in civility that is occurring between Russia and […]

A New Springtime in America

Now bring forth a renaissance of the spirit, of youth, of springtime in America once again. Now is the time for buds and blooms to break forth, a flowering of greatness in this country that has never been seen before in all of creation. Awakening from the dream of death into the light of eternity.  […]

A New Myth for the World

In a dialogue that he conducted toward the end of his life, Joseph Campbell (1904-87), the American authority on comparative mythology, remarked: “When the world changes, then the religion has to be transformed…today there are no boundaries.  The only mythology that is valid today is the mythology of the planet – and we don’t have […]

Quantum Science, Holograms & The Universe Within Our Lives

Quantum science has shown us a universe that is very different from what our senses normally make of the world.  Electrons, quarks, bosons, strings – all painting a strange and elusive picture of the cosmos we inhabit, where the normal rules of behavior are distorted, and time and space themselves are bent into new configurations. […]

Wars of Religion

Religious wars are heightening and breaking out all over the world. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, the conflicts are boiling to the surface.  Differences in beliefs, differences in the way we look at ourselves and the world around us.  Differences that keep dividing us into more entrenched, more irreconcilable units of humankind. Missing in […]

Scotland, the Beautiful

So the vote for Scottish independence goes down to defeat once again. If you have ever visited Scotland, you know the beauty of the country.  You know the history.  You know the people’s yearning for an identity. Some years ago, my wife, brother and I spent a few days in Scotland, starting in Edinburgh, and […]

Buddhism: A Religion for America

Buddhism is already the second largest religious denomination in the western United States of America. What is attracting people?  Talk to people – especially the youth of today – about religion, and a commonly heard remark is that if they were to pick out a religion that seemed to be in line with their own […]

Josei Toda & Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Josei Toda,Second Soka Gakkai president . His name was Josei Toda. He was the second president of the SGI, or Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist lay organization which currently spans the globe, with 12,000,000 members in 192 countries and territories around the world. During the second world war, he and the SGI’s first president, Tsunesaburo […]

D. H. Lawrence, America, & A New Religion

D. H. Lawrence, in his work, “Studies in Classic American Literature, made the following statement about America: “But you have there the myth of the essential white America. All the other stuff, the love, the democracy, the floundering into lust, is a sort of by-play. The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a […]