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Abby Kelley Foster & “Come-Outerism” – High Noon for Republicans & Evangelicals

James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of ten non-fiction books.

Hope is High for America

America is in a quagmire.   The land around is shaking and sinking.  Vision is being dragged down into dark, dense, black holes. Oh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light – an America desecrated, besmirched by its so-called leaders, by specters of darkness and division, and dreams of an all-white Republic. This is […]

“Come-Outerism” – A Solution for Today’s Political Division

Abby Kelley Foster is a name most of us are not familiar with today.  She was an extraordinary woman from our American past whom we need to remember. Abby was one of the very great civil rights advocates of the Civil War era, calling for an end to slavery, and for full voting rights for […]

This is Truly the Time of the People

This is truly the time of the people. With unbridled capitalism triumphant, and greed and power the only guidelines now of our national politics and the Republican Party, we are looking at the point at which sooner or later, and much more likely sooner, the mainstays of our morals and economy will come tumbling down […]

Abolitionist Abby Kelley Foster & “Come-outerism”.

  This is Liberty Farm, a National Historic Landmark in Worcester, Massachusetts, where Abby Kelley Foster (1811-1887) lived most of her married life with her husband, Stephen Symonds Foster. Abby Kelley Foster is a name most of us are not familiar with.  She was one of the many extraordinary women from our American past who […]

Abraham Lincoln, the “kids”, and Guns

Stoneman Douglas High School Parkland, Florida _________________ In 1864, President Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to Colonel William F. Elkins near the end of the Civil War, wrote: “We may congratulate ourselves that this cruel war is nearing its end.  It has cost a vast amount of treasure and blood…It has indeed been a trying […]

Trump, The Stock Market, Tax Reform & The American Dream

Our country has reached the apogee of the American Dream. The stock market is roaring, new heights almost weekly.  Tax reform has sent trillions of dollars to the most affluent of our citizens.  Daily, President Donald Trump is releasing all controls on the dammed up flood of investment and money flowing to new oil drilling […]

An American Dream, Come Finally to Fruition

With the passage of the Republican Tax Bill, we are finally brought face to face with the flowering of a vision of life here in America that had been pushing toward the light from a long time ago. It is a dream that has nothing to do with Liberty Bells, or the Statue of Liberty […]

Health Care Bill – Heart Surgery Needed

Republicans in the United States Senate have been desperately trying to pass a health care bill that will blatantly throw tens of millions of people out of any kind of health care coverage at all.  The bottom line is they would like to see all of us sink or swim, according to our ability to […]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way – San Jose

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way Bonnie.  San Jose, California. _________________________________________ Bonnie, what’s your take on America at this time? “I’m very concerned that America is so divided between the two main parties – Republicans and Democrats.  I’ve never seen the country in this kind of disarray, even in the sixties […]