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American Heroes & Heroines -Hubert Harrison

Chances are you have never heard of someone named Hubert Harrison.  Until recently, I know I never had. I’d like to introduce you to a truly remarkable person in our own American history. I came across him in a strange way.  Somehow I clicked onto a page on Google that was about a black man […]

Feel The Building Shaking – A New World Is Coming

Feel the building shaking.  A deep shifting of tectonic plates. We reach out, grasping for something solid; but the rolling wave of buried motion slides through the room and the streets and the rivers and regurgitates huge swells upon the ocean. It is to realize, suddenly, that nothing is safe.  Our moorings are not anchored […]

Let Wisdom Flow Out Across America

Let wisdom flow out upon this land. Wisdom to fill the minds and hearts of the youth of America. Dream dreams that go beyond anything we have imagined up until now, dreams that rock the world, upend conventional wisdom, destroy the limits of possibility. This is the mission of America.  It is a mission that […]

Youth! – Here In America, this Is Your Task

Ours is a time of immense disruptions: The world fracturing along cultural, ethnic, racial, and national lines wars seemingly endemic to our species droughts and winds, polar caps melting rising waters, hurricanes, angry heavens another deadly incurable epidemic threatening around the corner falling incomes loss of faith in governments unbelievable poverty the center of everything […]

Traveling to a New America – Determination

“Traveling to a New America“, the latest book by writer James Hilgendorf, has taken center stage in the author’s national Facebook journey towards a new and renewed America. Hilgendorf states: “There’s so much division, chaos, and anger in our country right now, but as I give talks and meet people, I feel that something new […]

“Come-Outerism” – A Solution for Today’s Political Division

Abby Kelley Foster is a name most of us are not familiar with today.  She was an extraordinary woman from our American past whom we need to remember. Abby was one of the very great civil rights advocates of the Civil War era, calling for an end to slavery, and for full voting rights for […]

Walt Whitman – A Call for a New America

In “Democratic Vistas”, our greatest national poet, Walt Whitman, wrote: “Never was there, perhaps, more hollowness at heart than at present, and here in the United States.  Genuine belief seems to have left us.  The underlying principles of the States are not honestly believed in, nor is humanity itself believed in.  What penetrating eye does […]

The Big One

When things get really tough, you cannot weaken, you cannot give in. Everything will conspire to stop you. You have to move. With everything, every fiber, with utter determination. _______________________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of ten non-fiction books. Please share this post with friends, and follow and share his […]

Something That Never Changes/Life & Death In America

Life and Death are the great mysteries. Why do trees lose their leaves?  Why does the day wane?  Why do we move inexorably from birth to death? Even the great suns, the stars vast in breadth of light-years, cannot escape their own demise. Where does it come from, and why? Some would not even question.  […]

Sowing Seeds of Hope & Transformation All Across America

Words of inspiration, flowers and poems, visions of a new America. A new world, a new civilization, is struggling for birth and expression beneath our very eyes. Division, chaos, shattered identities, the world darkening, darkening; yet shoots of lovely being and flowers breaking through everywhere. I’m holding talks, readings, and conversations wherever I go, conjuring […]