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Love, Marriage, & Life & Death Amid the Pandemic

Transformation is coming to America. Profound changes are underway. In the midst of an unprecedented viral pandemic, people are suffering from other growing human diseases – hopelessness, lack of meaning, despair, powerlessness. Who are we? In 2018, my wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – a deadly, aggressive cancer – and for two years, […]

A Religious Outlook: Necessity for Life’s Navigation

There is so much controversy whirling today among religious or non-religious outlooks on life: Questions of God or no God; Fundamentalism or Atheism. Overall, religion is a worldview, a way of shaping and perceiving reality.  In this sense, everyone is religious.  Atheism is a religion as much as Catholicism.  Each structures the way we perceive […]

Something That Never Changes/Life & Death In America

Life and Death are the great mysteries. Why do trees lose their leaves?  Why does the day wane?  Why do we move inexorably from birth to death? Even the great suns, the stars vast in breadth of light-years, cannot escape their own demise. Where does it come from, and why? Some would not even question.  […]

Death, the Door, Here in America.

DEATH, THE DOOR The smell of death wafts upon the winds of the world. Death is at the heart of the world’s wounds. We can go our merry way, smartphones and superbowls, the stock market gyrating up and down, our eyes glued to our fluctuating fortunes, black Fridays bodies pushing and shoving into the crowded […]

Waking Up To Who You Really Are – Talk by James Hilgendorf, Santa Barbara, Ca. Wednesday, 1-11-2017

James Hilgendorf, author of “Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective”, will be speaking on Wednesday, January 11th, at Unity of Santa Barbara, sponsored by the Santa Barbara, California chapter of the International Association for Near Death Experiences. Many people who have gone through near-death experiences, talk of crossing a bridge or river, or going through […]

Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective/Speaker Series by James Hilgendorf

Life and death, from a Buddhist perspective, is the subject of a speaker series being presented by author James Hilgendorf. Hilgendorf is a filmmaker and the author of ten non-fiction books.  He has also been practicing Buddhism for over forty years with the Soka Gakkai International, the largest Buddhist lay organization in the world now, […]

The Secret Door

The Secret Door.  Another dimension, beyond the common goals and dreams, struggles and strife. A reading from his books, by author James Hilgendorf _____________ A New Vision of Ourselves.  A New Dream of America.  A New Religion for the World. James Hilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books, including “A New Myth for the […]

Death In America

At the heart of the American Dream is the problem of Death. I met a woman yesterday, and we had a long talk.  She is about twenty-five, and to first meet her, you would think everything is all right with her.  She has a good job, she is young, nice-looking, quick to smile. But circumstances […]

America – Where You Lived Forever

America is the land where Death has buried itself the deepest. Covered over from the very beginning of the Republic, buried away upon the darkened American prairies, no longer to be noticed or mentioned. There were voices, here and there, faint prophets in the wilderness, but they were drowned out by the sound of railroad […]

Speaker Series: Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective

“Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective” is one of the speaker series talks now being given to different groups around the country by author James Hilgendorf.  The talks are based upon one of the author’s books of the same name – “Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective”. The book grew out of a program which […]