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Maybe We Need A New Religion

Sometime ago, I read a report of a young ten-or-eleven year old boy, who, after being exposed to continuing newspaper and television reports about the fighting going on all over the Middle East, involving Christians, Muslims and Jews, remarked: “Maybe we need a new religion.” Certainly, this week’s Senate election in Alabama highlights the relevance […]

Traveling to a New America – Reno, Nevada

Elizabeth and I were in Reno, Nevada, this past weekend, promoting my books and talking to people about their feelings about America. It was hot, but beautiful along the Truckee River which flows through the middle of town. “What’s your take on America at this time?” is the question we ask over and over again […]

Evangelical Christianity – A Mirror of Immorality

Let’s talk about religion in this country for a moment. We just chose Donald Trump as our President, in an election where millions of white Evangelical Christian voters sided with a man whose behavior, talk and denigration of Hispanics, women, Muslims, blacks, the disabled, military heroes and other Americans reached a low point of disgusting […]

Togetherness Is What We Want

“What should young people do with their lives today?  Many things, obviously.  But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” – Kurt Vonnegut, author of Slaughterhouse-Five, Cat’s Cradle, and other popular books. _________________ In traveling to different towns and cities and talking to […]

Traveling to a New America – Davis, California

Davis, California.  Home of the University of California at Davis. Students from many different ethnic backgrounds, and from around the world. Talking to students on the street, these were some of comments I heard. A young man, a graduate student, originally from Brazil. “I feel that what is happening in my own country is symptomatic […]

Do Muslims and Christians Worship The Same God?

Larycia Hawkins, a tenured political science professor at Christian based Wheaton College, in Wheaton, Illinois, west of Chicago, is being dragged through a slow process of termination by the ruling boards of the College – most notably by Wheaton provost Stanton Jones. Her crime?  For a Facebook post alleging that Christians and Muslims worship the […]

A Challenge to Atheists, Humanists & Believers Alike

The battle between science and religion – between, on the one hand, the worldview of atheists, humanists, agnostics and others who see this universe as devoid of any God, and entrenched believers on the other hand, whether Christian, Jew, or Muslim – seems only to be growing more strident as time goes by. Actually, from […]

Armageddon: The Dream of End Days

Christianity and Islam both hold a burning vision of the end days, Armageddon. A day of justice, when the armies of the righteous will triumph over Satan and unbelievers.  An enormous bloodbath – described either in the Book of Revelation, or the missives of current-day ISIS. This is the dream of so many people.  This […]

So Incredible, So Astonishing

Sitting at home tonight, I watch the latest news on television.  Disaster after disaster. Planes bombed.  Lebanon bombed.  France bombed.  Atrocities after atrocities. And in the Mideast, whole swaths of former countries now sheared of all boundaries, and devilish hordes of people moving across the wasteland, trying to build fantastical empires in the debris and […]

The New Religion: Beyond Dogma or Materialism: A Third Way

The debate continues to rage between science and religion, between the outdated dogma of our mainline religions and the godless materialism of atheism and secular humanism. On the one hand are faith-based claims for the existence of God and the validity of ancient books and prophets; on the other, the powers of reason and the […]