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“Come-Outerism” – A Solution for Today’s Political Division

Abby Kelley Foster is a name most of us are not familiar with today.  She was an extraordinary woman from our American past whom we need to remember. Abby was one of the very great civil rights advocates of the Civil War era, calling for an end to slavery, and for full voting rights for […]

Black and White

Nelson Mandela survived twenty-seven years in a jail cell. Have you spent even one day and night in jail?  Twenty-seven years was truly an eternity. The incomprehensible thing is how he managed to maintain his humanity amid this desert of timelessness. He wielded a heavy hammer for years in the hot blazing South African sun […]

Trump & Pence: Nuclear Weapons & Christianity

In his State of the Union address, Donald Trump called for a modernization of our nuclear arsenal – to create a nuclear arsenal “so strong and powerful that it will deter any acts of agression.” This means sending more money after the trillions of dollars we have already spent on nuclear weapons.  The United States […]

Last Gasp of a Dying White/Christian Order

So Donald Trump comes out today vowing to unleash the shackles of  political participation on behalf of religious (aka Christian, most notably Evangelical) groups. It is just the latest (and will certainly not be the last) attempt to resurrect the buried hopes and dreams of a dying, gasping segment of America that has been smouldering […]

Traveling to a New America – PSU & Syria Boy

Standing on the beautiful Portland State University campus in Portland, Oregon, there is another image that impinges suddenly upon our mind in stark contrast to the serenity and atmosphere of learning found here. A young boy, bloodied, dazed, utterly lost among the carnage of civil war in Aleppo, Syria. Two worlds: One of young people […]

Ramadan, End Times & The Fourth of July

Ramadan, the holy month of Islam, ends today; and the month has brought us a string of devastating attacks and explosions around the world coordinated by ISIS, concluding yesterday with an attack in Medina, the second holiest spot in Islam, and burial place of the prophet Mohammed. The attack on Medina was also an attack […]

Women’s Empowerment: Buddhism, Christianity, & Islam/Speaker Series

The empowerment of women is a topic of extreme importance as we move into a new global civilization.  How do our religions look at women?  This is the topic of one of the talks given in the speaker series of author James Hilgendorf. Any religion, philosophy, or mode of thinking that denigrates women, that treats […]

Religion, Faith, and Self Empowerment

What is empowerment according to the major world religions? Religions do not often talk about self empowerment.  Rather they talk about faith and adherence to doctrine and dogma. But self empowerment should be at the very heart of any religious dialogue. How do we become the greatest human beings we are capable of becoming? This […]

Earth Left Behind: So Many People Waiting

So many people want to leave this Earth. They yearn for a final reckoning, a dispensation of divine justice, an eternal damning of the unfaithful. The rivers and skies and lovely meadows and animals and birds of this world mean nothing. Rising upon clouds of a chilling beauty and foreverness, they yearn to go to […]

The Breakup of Identity

The old nations of the Mideast are dissolving.  Borders are disappearing.  Millions of displaced people are on the move, merging into each other.  Terrorist groups carve out new territories that seek to resurrect a dead and dying past. Muslims are murdering not only Israelis, but their own Muslim brothers and sisters. Who are we?  This […]