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You are the Center. Realize it.

The dream of America is more than the huddled masses coming to our shores. It is more than a flag waving in the wind. It is more than the opportunities to get a job or make money or start a business or freedom of religion or liberty bells. It is something deeper than heretofore imagined. […]

The Religion of the Future

The religion of the future must be a religion for all humankind. A religion of no distinctions, men or women, black or white or brown, heterosexual or homosexual, young or old, of whatever ethnicity, background, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, the entire gamut of human beings. A religion that support the individual and his […]

The Only Force That Can Defeat The Bomb

The Bomb detonates deep within the caverns of my life and mind. Rage, anger, an implosion of dark light.  The universe around transforms and morphs into the same deadly darkness, enveloping the sun. This is my world too.  This is the world of all of us.  The Bomb, the devastation could not exist and come […]

Christianity: Revamped Paganism

So where did Christianity come from anyway? Looking back deeply into the roots of Christianity, we find a great deal of fogginess and lack of clarity about the earliest beginnings.  Ask the average Christian about the roots of their religion, and they will reply with the standard litany; but about what really happened, what the […]

Joy Is Born Of The Struggle

What is the essence of life’s message? We have been looking in the wrong direction. The turmoil, the struggles, the pain  –  we bemoan these trials and yearn for a life free of suffering, another world beyond this veil of tears where flowers bloom endlessly, where we bathe in eternal bliss. So our religions have […]

Madhouse of the Universe

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” These were the words of the great German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  They applied in his day, and they apply in our own time. Looking around the world today, it is indeed madness […]

Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini…

Chernobyl. Rusted, broken-down metal tanks set against a silent sky, beside polluted ponds.  No human in sight. Birds crest over the sullen landscape.  Wolves roam the waterways, scavenging for beavers. This is where man’s folly came into view, this desecrated land, still burning with fires never before seen by cavemen, a fierce, deadly furnace still […]

A Hole in Our Heart

A young girl I met tonight.  Seemingly bright, inquisitive, quick to respond.  You would think: a lovely young girl. Yet we were talking in a small group later, and she began relating her inner life and feelings. She had been in a deep depression for over a year.  At times she would think of ways […]

Sarah Wider/Transcendentalism & Interconnectedness

In 2014, Sarah Wider, Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Colgate University, and Daisaku Ikeda, founder and president of the Soka Gakkai International, published a dialogue titled “The Art of True Relations: Conversations on the poetic heart of human possibility“. Ms. Wider specializes in the American Renaissance, American women writers of the late nineteenth […]

Believe in Yourself. Believe in Your Dreams.

There comes a time when you just have to hold on. A small boat, amid giant waves, with no land in sight, the sun by day, but dense clouds and utter darkness at night.  Now or never, it is victoryor defeat, life or death. Land must appear, or we are lost. Time to summon forth […]