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Wall Street Crash

Something New Is Coming

Where are we going? Who are we? What does the future hold? We are indeed entering a momentous time. It is tectonic plates shifting deep beneath our dreaming anxious world. And something new is coming. ———– James Hilgendorf reading from “A New Myth for America”. James Hilgendorf is a writer, speaker, poet, and filmmaker. His […]

Opening the Way in America

Wandering through the small, lonely towns of early America. There was Sherwood Anderson, and his small Ohio towns.  There was Theodore Dreiser, and Sister Carrie, and a vision of life that portrayed eternity in the passing of seemingly insignificant lives.  There was Thomas Wolfe, with his haunting images of America,his hunger for life and America, […]

A New Revolution Demanded

Meanwhile, while the Dow Jones Industrial Index gains 455 points in its last trading day, the unemployment figures hit a new high of almost 15,000,000 unemployed, which, from the viewpoint of many, does not even reveal the true figure – a figure that puts us back into the dark days of the Depression. States are […]

This is Truly the Time of the People

This is truly the time of the people. With unbridled capitalism triumphant, and greed and power the only guidelines now of our national politics and the Republican Party, we are looking at the point at which sooner or later, and much more likely sooner, the mainstays of our morals and economy will come tumbling down […]

“Studs Lonigan” & the Great Wall Street Crash of 1929

“Studs Lonigan”, by James T. Farrell, is one of the great books of American literature.  Written as a trilogy in the 1930s, it tells the story of a young man, William “Studs” Lonigan, growing up in an Irish family on Chicago’s Southside during World War I, the Roaring Twenties, and the Great Depression. Farrell’s purpose […]