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Wall Street

America & the Gods of War & Gold

We have lavished our money and resources upon everything but the people. Wars, Afganistan, Irag, trillions of dollars, devastating our economy, destroying the future of our youth, enriching the coffers of munitions manufacturers, builders of atomic and hydrogen bombs, helicopters, tanks, automatic rifles, armored personnel carriers, we are in perpetual war, supported by a war […]

Time of Destruction, Time of Rebuilding

James Hilgendorf is a writer, speaker, poet, and filmmaker. His books cover a wide range of subjects – religion, politics, economics, science, social issues, the future of America. A highly-acclaimed filmmaker, his travel films and documentaries have been seen around the world. He is a long-time member of the SGI, or Soka Gakkai International, the […]

The Virus is Us

Greed fosters pestilence. The diseased heart breeds the virus. Trump is the virus. Those who champion division and chaos and the desecration of the ‘other’ – this is the virus. Those who tout racial superiority, build walls against outsiders, tear down any man or woman who exhibits true greatness, compassion, or selflessness; who fracture the […]

Coronavirus & The Dream of America.

These are extraordinary times. The coronavirus has brought into clear focus certain delusions that have been festering for a long time in the lives and minds of the American people. Division, chaos, loss of hope, uncertainty and fear are all around us. We are entering unknown waters, without a sense of navigation. The President, the […]

Time of Destruction, Time of Rebuilding.

Sometimes, assessing the rotting foundation, frames and structure of an old house, sitting still on a valuable piece of property, it becomes appropriate to raze the house to the ground to make way for a new, modern building. In America, we have reached such a time, of destruction, and the commencement of a new rebuilding. […]

Universal Basic Income, The Coronavirus & Buckminster Fuller

Rather than raising hopes of inevitably returning to the state of affairs we knew before the pandemic, the coronavirus is forcing us to rethink anew an entire range of previous assumptions about how we manage our lives. With tens of millions now out of work, and businesses floundering and crashing all around, how are individuals […]

What Drives the Stock Market?

It has become increasingly clear that the gyrations of the stock market have very little connection anymore to the economic and social realities of our country. Tens of millions of workers are out of a job. Businesses are folding. There is no doubt we are in the midst of a recession and possibly a depression […]

A New Revolution Demanded

Meanwhile, while the Dow Jones Industrial Index gains 455 points in its last trading day, the unemployment figures hit a new high of almost 15,000,000 unemployed, which, from the viewpoint of many, does not even reveal the true figure – a figure that puts us back into the dark days of the Depression. States are […]

Judgment Day

30,000,000 jobless claims total now, a tip of the iceberg. 1,000,000 people infected with the coronavirus, 60,000 dead so far. Hunger lines, cars lining up for miles, searching for food. A stock market gyrating wildly, searching for solid ground, for a way, any way, towards profit, towards gold, with no connection to the reality of […]

This is Truly the Time of the People

This is truly the time of the people. With unbridled capitalism triumphant, and greed and power the only guidelines now of our national politics and the Republican Party, we are looking at the point at which sooner or later, and much more likely sooner, the mainstays of our morals and economy will come tumbling down […]