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Night Has Descended Upon Russia

Boris Nemtsov is dead, murdered by Vladimir Putin. Oh, yes, Putin did it all right.  Everything he has instituted since being in office has been geared towards Nemtsov’s death.  The death of a sane Russia.  The institution of madness.  The incorporation of fear. Putin is scripting from Adolph Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf.  Murder and betrayal, […]

Plot Uncovered: Irish Plan to Retake New York City

As if it was not enough that the Russians and Vladimir Putin are scheming and launching covert attacks on Ukraine in an effort to retake territory imputed historically to be Russia’s, a new, and disturbing report has now come to light of a large and secret network of Irish operatives who have been making plans […]

Russian Weeds

Russia has taken a step back into the past. Like virulent weeds, the outworn oppression and ideology have poked their heads through Russian soil. Putin longs for the restoration of the old Soviet Union, whose pinions have already crumbled.  He longs for the State power, the military might, the fearsomeness that extended into every household […]

Roots and Weeds

Putin and Russians are struggling over the loss of Ukraine.  Muslims and Jews battle over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  At the heart of it all is roots. Crimea, for Russians, Putin claims, is “like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, arguing that the very roots of Russia date back to Kievan Rus, a loose federation […]

Russia: Descent into the Past

Vladimir Putin has turned Russia on a path into the past, a catastrophe for the Russian people. The world is heading towards a planetary globalization, but at the same time, the forces for disintegration and separation are rampant.  Peoples, cultures, and nations want to pull back and retreat into their own smaller, comfortable world.  These […]

Putin and his Hero Tolstoy

I read recently that Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” is one of Vladimir Putin’s very favorite books. Of course, Tolstoy is one of the world’s great writers, and a symbol of the artistic greatness of Russia’s past.  So it is no wonder that Putin embraces Tolstoy and likes to align his own image with that of […]

Russia’s Decline into the Past

The recent chaotic events in Ukraine have Russia making a u-turn away from progress and the future. The entire movement of world events and ideas is demanding that individuals, as well as nations, shed their attachments to small egos and identities, and grow into a consciousness of themselves as members of a global family, the […]

EU – Whither Now?

The chaos in Ukraine is causing a reassessment of many things among members of the European Union.  Putin’s Russian government’s overtures in that country threaten to disturb economic progress, as well as pose a military challenge as well to the EU and EU countries on the border with Russia. It is an unsettling time, one […]

Putin, Dostoyevsky, and Russian Messianism

The hysteria that has erupted over the Ukraine revolution has as its underlying cause much more than simply a question of land or economics or nationalities. At the heart of the issue are two very different world views – that of the West, the other of Russia – and it is not something that the […]