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Students, Money, Elections & America

Students in America are loaded down with debt. I talked to one student recently who just graduated from a major university, and her debt load is close to $100,000.  Another young woman I know has just finished medical school at a prestigious school, and her debt is $300,000. The average debt for graduating students in […]

Social Security Safe Despite Scare Tactics

For Decades – ever since the reforms of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration – conservatives have been howling into the wind, trying to drum up opposition to Social Security, using every ploy in the book to destroy legislation that has benefited – and continues to benefit – millions upon millions of our elderly citizens. They will […]

Talk About Taxes – What do you get from yours?

Tax day has come and gone, and we had the Tea-Partiers making a lot of noise about taxes and big government.  They proclaim a slide into socialism and the big hand of government and European socialism taking over all our lives. So you have paid your taxes.  What are you getting?  This is really the […]