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A Religious Outlook: Necessity for Life’s Navigation

There is so much controversy whirling today among religious or non-religious outlooks on life: Questions of God or no God; Fundamentalism or Atheism. Overall, religion is a worldview, a way of shaping and perceiving reality.  In this sense, everyone is religious.  Atheism is a religion as much as Catholicism.  Each structures the way we perceive […]

Forge A Future Beyond All Imagining

Youth ! — A new world is beckoning, new vistas awaiting the unfolding of your dreams. You are irreplaceable. You are unique. You are here because the universe is here. Dream big, then, with sweat and determination, fashion new realities from the wreckage all around. We are at the turning point of a new civilization, […]

Walt Whitman – A Call for a New America

In “Democratic Vistas”, our greatest national poet, Walt Whitman, wrote: “Never was there, perhaps, more hollowness at heart than at present, and here in the United States.  Genuine belief seems to have left us.  The underlying principles of the States are not honestly believed in, nor is humanity itself believed in.  What penetrating eye does […]

The Coming Revolution

“There is a revolution coming. “And as it reveals itself in the mind of each man and woman, the mountains will fall and shift, chasms will open, the deserts will run with rivers, beautiful blooms will burst from dry dust, suns will sprout in the sky, animals and birds dance, the nuclear force of ten […]

Something That Never Changes/Life & Death In America

Life and Death are the great mysteries. Why do trees lose their leaves?  Why does the day wane?  Why do we move inexorably from birth to death? Even the great suns, the stars vast in breadth of light-years, cannot escape their own demise. Where does it come from, and why? Some would not even question.  […]

Barriers Are Here To Make Us Grow – A Reading

Obstacles, problems, difficulties – we all face them from time to time.  We long to escape our suffering. Yet, strangely, these are the doorways to growth and happiness. ____________________ James Hilgendorf is at http://www.jameshilgendorf.org

Traveling to a New America – The Arts & A Truly Great America

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way Ruth.  Artist.  Berkeley, California. _________________ Ruth, what’s your take on America at this time? “I think there are really a large number of people who are trying to do good.  I live in a bubble.  I live in Berkeley, so I know a lot of […]

Traveling to a New America – Healthcare, Scandinavia vs. U.S. Corporate Greed

Traveling to a New America Berkeley, Ca. Lila.  A therapist, working with adolescents in drug treatment. She would like to see economic and social policies like those in Scandinavian countries put in place in the United States. ___________________________________ “I think it is one of the only solutions that really will be effective in terms of […]

Buddhism in America Titles Available on Amazon.in India

The books of author James Hilgendorf, which include books on Buddhism and Buddhism in America, are now available in India on Amazon.in. Hilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books that are opening the way to a new vision of life, a new dream of America, and a new religion for the world. This new […]

Traveling to a New America – Temescal, Oakland, People Along the Way

I was in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, California today.  Temescal is a very diverse neighborhood, with people of different racial and economic backgrounds living side-by-side. I met a lovely young woman named Alana here. Alana, what’s your take on America at this time? “It’s been a private and personal adjustment for me right after […]