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Healthcare & A Morally Bankrupt Congress

Today, with the slim passage and repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, the Republican establishment in Congress have indeed shown for all to see their true nature and colors.  They, and their party, are truly a morally bankrupt lot.  They have thrown to the dogs a large portion of the American populace. For […]

Envy, Racism & Democracy in Trump-Time

I was in a food store recently, standing next in line behind a young black woman who was checking out some items.  Her behavior was rather uncontrolled, her voice loud as she spoke to a friend seemingly, several feet away.  Her language bespoke a lack of education, and her appearance – disheveled jeans, and a […]

Abraham Lincoln & Donald Trump

I’ve just finished rereading Carl Sandburg’s great biography, Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years and The War Years. What Lincoln meant to the American people was shown by Lincoln’s final journey across the country by railroad car from the East Coast to Springfield, Illinois, where he was buried.  Along the journey, millions of people turned out […]

Civil War

America has always provoked a Civil War. It is the nature of the ideal: brotherhood, sisterhood, equality, compassion like a river surging through blood-soaked fields. War at each moment, within our very own breasts.  Shall we advance? Staring defeat in the face, to muster courage and go for what has never yet been given birth […]

The Big Business of Education

Education is now big business, and academic institutions and banks are leading the way. I met a young woman recently, a student coming to the end of her four-year college career, and we talked about her dreams and what she wanted to do when she got out of school. As it turns out, her dreams […]

O Beautiful For Patriot Dream

After listening to Barack Obama, our President, give his State of the Union message this evening, I began recalling the words and stanzas of our great national song, America the Beautiful, and especially the last chorus: O beautiful for patriot dream That sees beyond the years Thine alabaster cities gleam Undimmed by human tears! America! […]

Russia and Ukraine: Identities on Trial

Ukraine/Russia/Europe/United States. The standoff and confrontation continues and deepens and hardens along fracture lines. We have been here before, many times.  The old nation states, the boundaries, the waving of threats and swords. This all has to be shoveled and buried finally in the twenty-first century.  No quarter given.  It is time for a different […]

Health Care Debacle: Crisis of Caring

The current media circus centering around Obamacare and the politicians in Washington on both sides jockeying for position and soundbites, is a national tragedy. The problem is an utter lack of compassion at the core of the leadership of this country. Yes, Obamacare, if it could be property rolled out, is a step in the […]

Wanted: A New American Breed

It is election time again. Name calling.  Polar opposition.  Anger and resentment and outright hatred. Amid all the name calling, the polar opposition, the divergent visions of where we have been and where we are going, where is the America of the ordinary man and woman? Where is the America that we have always hoped […]

The Current Civil War

America has always provoked a Civil War.  It is the nature of the our ideal – brotherhood, equality, compassion for our compatriots. Fifty-fifty in this country.  Past and future vying for supremacy.  Only with the deepest pain have we advanced. So it has always been. Gray and Blue, lying in the dust, lost legs and […]