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Theodore Parker: Early Religious and Social Reformer.

Although relatively unknown today, Theodore Parker, who lived in the turbulent decades leading up to the Civil War, was an American whose life exerted a tremendous influence upon his own times, and whose thought and actions still reverberate at the very heart of modern day issues. In one speech, Parker used the phrase, “A democracy […]

This Is Where I Live

I wonder who could be knocking at the door? Ah, it is no stranger.  I have been waiting, finally pulling out all reserves, finally stating in bold language, heart-driven, I accept everything. This is where I live, nowhere else.  I want to go nowhere else.  Finally knowing that this is where my life emerges, all […]

Life Is The Treasure

LIFE IS THE TREASURE When everything in the universe is showing us miracles, is showing the way, is waiting breathlessly, is bursting with spring leaves and stars, is reverberating with song, is imagining pent-up blessings for us all – we drag through the day, we see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, we do not know […]

The Miracle Is You

At the heart of the most pressing problem lies the key to turning everything around. When the problem will not go away, when it stares you unrelentingly in the face, when you think you cannot go on living even unless it changes, this is the turning point. But the problem will never change if you […]