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Whose Side Are You On, God?

In the Middle East, religious camps are locked in mortal combat. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – all with a common root and ancestry in this trouble-torn region – are slugging it out to the death, breeding each day more violent strains within their ecclesiastical bodies. Each are flag bearers for their tribal God.  Each claims […]

Maybe We Need A New Religion

Recently we’re seeing a rising tide of religious violence, directed against mosques, churches, synagogues – all leaving a trail of personal devastation and death in its wake. What’s going on? In a recent television interview with leaders from all three of these faiths, who have all been directly affected by murderous attacks against their denominations, […]

August 6th, Again – Hiroshima

Another year passes.  We come around again, remembering the horror of Hiroshima. Meanwhile, on the horizon, pointed shapes sprout from the Earth, deadly black missiles mushrooming into sight here and there – North Korea, Russia, France, Great Britain, Pakistan, India, the United States, and other countries planning and secretly hoping to bring into bloom these […]

Traveling to a New America – Reno, Nevada

Elizabeth and I were in Reno, Nevada, this past weekend, promoting my books and talking to people about their feelings about America. It was hot, but beautiful along the Truckee River which flows through the middle of town. “What’s your take on America at this time?” is the question we ask over and over again […]

“Maybe We Need A New Religion” Revised Edition Published.

“Maybe We Need A New Religion”, by author James Hilgendorf, has been released in a new, updated, and revised edition. The book was originally conceived when the author read a report of a young ten-year-old boy, who, after being exposed to continuing newspaper and television reports about the fighting going on all over the Middle […]

Traveling to a New America – Anger at the Root – Live or Die

One thing you see and hear in America these days is anger. Anger that people are not being heard or recognized or appreciated. This election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with its unprecedented nastiness, is bringing many things to the surface that have been seething in our national psyche for decades. It is a […]

Traveling to a New America – Davis, California

Davis, California.  Home of the University of California at Davis. Students from many different ethnic backgrounds, and from around the world. Talking to students on the street, these were some of comments I heard. A young man, a graduate student, originally from Brazil. “I feel that what is happening in my own country is symptomatic […]

Traveling to a New America – PSU & Syria Boy

Standing on the beautiful Portland State University campus in Portland, Oregon, there is another image that impinges suddenly upon our mind in stark contrast to the serenity and atmosphere of learning found here. A young boy, bloodied, dazed, utterly lost among the carnage of civil war in Aleppo, Syria. Two worlds: One of young people […]

Traveling to a New America – Hayes Valley, San Francisco

I’m in Hayes Valley, San Francisco today, a trendy neighborhood of boutiques, art galleries, top-notch restaurants and nightspots in the heart of the city. The neighborhood has a nice community feel. San Francisco is a city of youth; and as I continue to talk to young people, and sometimes get into the subject of religion, […]

Traveling to a New America – Life & Death & Happiness in Walnut Creek, Ca.

Walnut Creek, California. A prosperous, upscale community where you would expect to find at least the average amount of that illusive quality called happiness. What is happiness anyway?  Ask a thousand people, and you might get a thousand different answers. Money in the bank.  A good job.  A wonderful girl friend or boy friend, or […]