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Joseph Campbell

A Few Notes on Happiness

What is happiness? Ask a thousand people, and you’ll probably get a thousand different shades of answers. Happiness for many means the dream job, or perhaps the freedom to have no job at all; the dream boy or girl friend; a lot of money in the bank; vacations to exciting places, perfect health, and the […]

ICAN, Nuclear Weapons, & A Christian Nation

ICAN – the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – was recently awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Peace. ICAN is a broad, inclusive campaign, focused on mobilizing civil society around the world to support the specific objective of negotiating a global nuclear weapon ban treaty. On July 7th, 2017, many of the world’s nations […]

Waking Up To Who You Really Are – Talk by James Hilgendorf, Santa Barbara, Ca. Wednesday, 1-11-2017

James Hilgendorf, author of “Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective”, will be speaking on Wednesday, January 11th, at Unity of Santa Barbara, sponsored by the Santa Barbara, California chapter of the International Association for Near Death Experiences. Many people who have gone through near-death experiences, talk of crossing a bridge or river, or going through […]

Traveling to a New America – Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

The beautiful Palace of the Fine Arts, in San Francisco’s Marina District. This beautiful structure was originally built to exhibit works of art, as part of the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. The Exposition – a world’s fair – was held to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal; but it was also an opportunity for the […]

Traveling to a New America/Jack London Square

I’m standing near a statue of Jack London, in Jack London Square, Oakland, California. As a novelist (his works included such world famous novels as “The Call of the Wild”, “White Fang”, and “The Sea Wolf”), London’s life spanned the later 1800’s and the early years of the twentieth century. His works often portray a […]

Beyond Atheism

A few months ago, I had a brief conversation with a woman who held no “religious” beliefs at all, and did not want to hear anything whatsoever to do with religion.  She was a devout atheist.  She kept telling me in quite strident tones: “Don’t you know – over the past four hundred years, science […]

Speaker Series: Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective

“Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective” is one of the speaker series talks now being given to different groups around the country by author James Hilgendorf.  The talks are based upon one of the author’s books of the same name – “Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective”. The book grew out of a program which […]

Joseph Campbell – A New Myth or Religion

In a dialogue he conducted toward the end of his life, Joseph Campbell, the great American authority on comparative mythology, and co-creator, along with Bill Moyers, of the television documentary “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth“, remarked: “When the world changes, then the religion has to be transformed…today there are no boundaries.  The only […]