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Traveling to a New America – PSU & Syria Boy

Standing on the beautiful Portland State University campus in Portland, Oregon, there is another image that impinges suddenly upon our mind in stark contrast to the serenity and atmosphere of learning found here. A young boy, bloodied, dazed, utterly lost among the carnage of civil war in Aleppo, Syria. Two worlds: One of young people […]

Ramadan, End Times & The Fourth of July

Ramadan, the holy month of Islam, ends today; and the month has brought us a string of devastating attacks and explosions around the world coordinated by ISIS, concluding yesterday with an attack in Medina, the second holiest spot in Islam, and burial place of the prophet Mohammed. The attack on Medina was also an attack […]

Christianity, Atomic Bombs, & A New Religion

“Maybe we need a new religion.” This was the comment of a ten-year old boy after reading the newspapers and watching television and witnessing the continuing bloodshed taking place all over the Middle East. Why is this world awash in blood, while Christians, Muslims & Jews – the followers of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism – […]

A Hole in the Heart of Everything

Incandescent light, Floating in from Iraq, Iran, North Africa, Syria, Swaths of civilization Wiped clean, leaving only An absence of God, A hole in the heart of Everything. The cancer spreads. Stars and moons waver Unsteadily in the heavens, Our minds’ chaos Setting the orbs of suns In disarray. It all emanates from our Smoky […]

Mideast Imploding – Sunni, Shia, ISIS, Saudi, Iran, Syria…Who Are We?

You see it everywhere in the Mideast – the imploding of countries, boundaries.  Patchworks of Sunnis stacked against Shiites.  Bombed out cities, blown to dust in ancient deserts. ISIS the latest virus, the latest worm crawling through the debris, devouring anything in its way, breeding horror and human devastation. The Saudis cutting off heads, the […]

The Roots of ISIS Are In Islam

There is a tendency today to disavow any connection to Islam and Muslims in general with the rise and utter brutality of ISIS. Muslims separate themselves from ISIS.  ISIS is not who we are, they say.  ISIS has nothing to do with Muslims and true Islam. Civic figures – even President Obama – go out […]