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Universal Basic Income, The Coronavirus & Buckminster Fuller

Rather than raising hopes of inevitably returning to the state of affairs we knew before the pandemic, the coronavirus is forcing us to rethink anew an entire range of previous assumptions about how we manage our lives. With tens of millions now out of work, and businesses floundering and crashing all around, how are individuals […]

AI & The World of the Heart

Automation is expanding in our world.  It is replacing workers and destroying  jobs.  It is beginning to radically change our ideas of work and the economy. Advancing in tandem with automation is its offspring, artificial intelligence, or AI. People talk of the “singularity”, or point when computers might become more intelligent than human beings.  This […]

Disappearing Work & Universal Basic Income

Work is changing rapidly in the United States. The unemployment rate presently is somewhere around 4%; but that’s deceiving.  Many are working at minimum or low wage jobs, or working two or three part-time jobs to survive.  Many are driving part-time for Uber or Lyft, or living two or three families in an apartment in […]