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America & the Gods of War & Gold

We have lavished our money and resources upon everything but the people. Wars, Afganistan, Irag, trillions of dollars, devastating our economy, destroying the future of our youth, enriching the coffers of munitions manufacturers, builders of atomic and hydrogen bombs, helicopters, tanks, automatic rifles, armored personnel carriers, we are in perpetual war, supported by a war […]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way – Nevada City, Ca.

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way Kimmy.  Nevada City, California. _____________________________ Kimmy, what’s Nevada City like for you? “Nevada City is like heaven on Earth.  There’s just so much movement, so much dance, so much play, this loving energy.  People are so joyful and sweet, and the nature is so beautiful, […]

Obama and War: America’s Dead-end Vision

To President Obama’s Nobel Prize speech, we have a mixed and strange response coming out of the country. From a Peace Prize recipient, we are so used to a lofty vision, a vision of achievable peace, that Obama’s words about the necessity of war to achieve peaceful ends falls like a dull thud upon our […]