Capricorn & Cancer – A Love Poem Written upon my Wife’s Passing


Love is born out of opposites colliding.

Look at the universe, with its swirling galaxies of stars, whole nebulae clashing and devouring phalanxes of suns. It is not a peaceful picture.

We advance by facing that which we do not know.

The love that becomes the strongest is the love that grows by circling each other in contrapuntal rhythms, held in place by an inward and outward attraction perfectly balanced, like moons circling a planet, like planets a sun.

As planets arc through their journey, you can hear them crying and sighing, the tension of irrepressible joy.

I never knew you, and did not ask for your presence, yet from out the darkness and eternity, you appear, and we become caught up in tides of memories and fate from an unfathomable past.

We are Capricorn and Cancer. We are winter and summer. We are night and day.

Tears and laughter, fondness and spite, pulling at the orbits of each other, circling in the gravity of old bonds.

Merging, breaking down disparate identities, becoming one.

Love is born of a battle, no easy quest this one, no easy prize.

We merge and shine like the sun.

James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of eleven non-fiction books, his latest titled “Capricorn & Cancer”.

In their 50th year of marriage, both the author and his wife, Elizabeth, wage an ongoing battle against Elizabeth’s pancreatic cancer and stroke.

Meanwhile, America itself is waging a war of it own – political, economic, and social division and a devastating viral attack – that are tearing apart the fabric of our nation, threatening the end of our national identity.

Who are we? Where are we headed?

Life and death, moving about each other, searching for answers and a way forward.

A time of deep transformation.

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