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February 2021

Cancer, the Pandemic, America at Sea & Buddhism.

In December, 2020, my wife Elizabeth passed away after struggling for two years with pancreatic cancer and stroke. In addition, during this time, the pandemic was raging, and America was struggling with anger, chaos, and political and cultural division, in a struggle to salvage its own identity and survival. As the cancer was spreading through […]

In the End,What’s Important?

At the end of 2020, about a month before my wife Elizabeth passed away after a two-year struggle with pancreatic cancer and stroke, I was helping her out of bed one night and accidentally brushed against a beautiful lamp which had belonged to Elizabeth’s mother, and which she treasured. The lamp fell to the floor […]

The Struggle to Awaken to a Larger Life

The carnage of a Trump Presidency, the division and chaos and twisting of the truth, have brought us to a point of deep introspection, forcing all of us, even against our will, to confront the question of who we really are, both as individuals and as a nation. It seems clear that we are going […]