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June 2020

Fannie Lou Hamer – “I Can’t Breathe”

The struggles that Fannie Lou Hamer went through as a leader in the civil rights movement during the 1960s and 1970s attest to one woman’s extraordinary courage and dedication in a fight against the overwhelmingly brutal forces of racial discrimination and dehumanization in Mississippi, and, indeed, throughout the South, at that time in our history […]

We Have Not Seen This Time Before

Youth – You are the true progenitors of the dream! Arising in America and around the world, bringing forth what has never been brought forth before – brought forth with a hammer, shattering all the old connections, the constricting identities – letting loose the elemental man and woman onto the stage of a new civilization. […]

A Call to the Youth of America

What are you young people going to do? It’s up to you. Each and every one of you has the potential to turn the world around. These are no mere idle, dreamy words. You have that power. To live in a society, in a world, where a handful of inept, cowardly usurpers of power plot […]

Soka Gakkai International – New Religious Kid on the Block


Richard Wright, Native Son – “I Can’t Breathe”.

Richard Wright (1908-1960) was perhaps the most influential African-American writer of the twentieth century.  His books helped to change race relations in the United States. I was 16 or 17 when I first read Wright’s novel, “Native Son.” I still remember the impact it had on me.  I could only read the novel piecemeal, bits […]

Emerson, Trump, & Hearts of Steel

Ralph Waldo Emerson, living at the time of the American Renaissance in the early 1800’s, wrote: “Good-nature is plentiful, but we want justice with a heart of steel, to fight down the proud.” He was encouraging people to stand up and fight injustice wherever they found it, and to unflinchingly oppose the arrogance of power. […]

America – The Land Where You Lived Forever

America is the land where Death has buried itself the deepest. Covered over from the very beginning of the Republic, buried away upon the darkened American prairies, no longer to be noticed or mentioned. There were voices, here and there, faint prophets in the wilderness, but they were drowned out by the sound of railroad […]