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May 2020

Time of Destruction, Time of Rebuilding.

Sometimes, assessing the rotting foundation, frames and structure of an old house, sitting still on a valuable piece of property, it becomes appropriate to raze the house to the ground to make way for a new, modern building. In America, we have reached such a time, of destruction, and the commencement of a new rebuilding. […]

America is One Person

America is one person. America is not the crowd.  America is not a hundred million people. America has never been more than one person. That person can rule the universe, and send shockwaves of change across the plains and mountains and seashores, and loose mega-nuclear explosions of light and understanding reverberating through the bones and […]

Universal Basic Income, The Coronavirus & Buckminster Fuller

Rather than raising hopes of inevitably returning to the state of affairs we knew before the pandemic, the coronavirus is forcing us to rethink anew an entire range of previous assumptions about how we manage our lives. With tens of millions now out of work, and businesses floundering and crashing all around, how are individuals […]

W.E.B. Dubois – The Souls of Black Folk

I found reading “The Souls of Black Folk”, the 1903 work by W. E. B. Dubois, an extraordinary experience. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt, insightful, and deeply moving book. DuBois was one of the greatest of African-American civil rights leaders, political activists, writers, and historians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He was the first African […]

What Drives the Stock Market?

It has become increasingly clear that the gyrations of the stock market have very little connection anymore to the economic and social realities of our country. Tens of millions of workers are out of a job. Businesses are folding. There is no doubt we are in the midst of a recession and possibly a depression […]

Our Face in the Mirror

On a clear night, looking up into the night sky, we see the Milky Way, the galaxy of which our own solar system is but a small part. A hazy band of light, estimated to contain between 100 to 400 billion stars, and at least that many planets. The observable universe is estimated to contain […]

Opening the Way in America

Wandering through the small, lonely towns of early America. There was Sherwood Anderson, and his small Ohio towns.  There was Theodore Dreiser, and Sister Carrie, and a vision of life that portrayed eternity in the passing of seemingly insignificant lives.  There was Thomas Wolfe, with his haunting images of America,his hunger for life and America, […]

The Most Difficult Thing

The most difficult thing is to believe in yourself. We are one among billions on the planet, and who are we and why are we here?  Youth sometimes despair, even think of ending it all. The truth is something astounding, even unbelievable. You are the prime point of the entire universe.  Everything revolves around you.  […]

A New Revolution Demanded

Meanwhile, while the Dow Jones Industrial Index gains 455 points in its last trading day, the unemployment figures hit a new high of almost 15,000,000 unemployed, which, from the viewpoint of many, does not even reveal the true figure – a figure that puts us back into the dark days of the Depression. States are […]

Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age

In these times of coronavirus and worldwide social, political, and economic dislocations, youth need the conviction that they can become the progenitors of a great new age. ——- Prologue to “Handbook for Youth in a Muddied Age” by James Hilgendorf. ___________________________________ Ours is a time of immense disruptions. The world is fracturing along cultural, ethnic, […]