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November 2019


Resolve.  When things seem blackest, keep going. __________________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, poet, and the author of ten non-fiction books.

Astrology & Buddhism: The Search for Self.

There was recently an excellent article from The New Yorker magazine about the enormous resurgence of interest in astrology in our time. In a time of gathering uncertainty, of a worldwide breakup of old alliances and identities, people are searching for deeper connections and answers and for direction in their lives. They are looking for […]

The Buddha of Everlasting LIfe

THE BUDDHA OF EVERLASTING LIFE What is our mission here?  Why are we here on this Earth, this miniscule cinder among the stars? It is to forge an incredible force of Life from the very fires of the universe itself.  It is to know, in the deepest recesses of our heart and mind and life, […]

Vision Deep Within

Sowing Seeds of Hope & Transformation All Across America Website:  https:www.jameshilgendorf.org Flowers & Poems

Defeating The Bomb

DEFEATING THE BOMB Then the bomb appeared, mushrooming over Hiroshima. To combat it, appeared the dressmaker, policeman, newspaper deliverer, insurance salesman, wrestler, lumberjack, secretary, car salesman, nurse… unfolding from within themselves an enormous transformation of the mind and heart. Revealing the only force that can defuse and defeat the Bomb. One person. Unlocking nuclear combinations, […]

Make Beautiful Music

You have to stand up for who and what you are. Deep down in each one of us is a genie, a magical tone of the universe waiting to be sounded. You are the only note in the cosmos aligned to that pitch. You can look around at all the other pages of music being […]

Taking Part in the Evolution of the Universe

How do we relate to the environment? The issue of climate change brings competing issues into clear focus. On the one hand, there are those who deny that humanity’s actions have any relation to the rapidly changing weather patterns we are witnessing worldwide.  On the other hand, there are those who find an integral link […]

You Are The Center

YOU ARE THE CENTER The dream of America is more than the huddled masses coming to our shores.  It is more than a flag waving in the wind.  It is more than the opportunities to get a job or make money or start a business or freedom of religion or liberty bells.  It is something […]

Sowing Seeds of Hope & Transformation All Across America

Words of inspiration, flowers and poems, visions of a new America. A new world, a new civilization, is struggling for birth and expression beneath our very eyes. Division, chaos, shattered identities, the world darkening, darkening; yet shoots of lovely being and flowers breaking through everywhere. I’m holding talks, readings, and conversations wherever I go, conjuring […]