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October 2019

The True America

THE TRUE AMERICA Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson. I take my hat off to you gentlemen. You are the true America, unearthed from the beginning.  You stood up, your voices called to everyone – a new way, a true way, original Man and Woman now to take their place along the sidewalks and country roads. What could […]

Garbage Man.

Every Wednesday, at our apartment complex, early in the morning, I hear the repeated horn-like signal of the garbage truck backing in through the gate and pulling up to several large overstuffed metal bins. The whole operation – truck driver, dragging the oversized garbage bins to the back of the truck, bin operator – is […]

Hope amid the Ruins

Today’s summary of the world’s news reveals an extraordinary explosion of popular rebellions, a gigantic shifting of boundaries and allegiances, and a mind-boggling surge of misplaced persons and refugees.  The world seems moving towards an end-time chaos. At home, here in America, the foundations of an old order are cracking, weighed down by the unsurpassed […]