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August 2019

Urban Transformation in Toledo, Ohio

The transformation of America is being accomplished through the extraordinary efforts of individuals. One such case comes out of Toledo Ohio. In 2010, Rachel Richardson was the co-director of a Toledo-based nonprofit called Independent Advocates that worked with domestic violence survivors in the Lucas County Court System. They accompanied their clients to court hearings, helped […]

Bunkers and the Apocalypse – Traveling to a New America

Recently, there was an article in the New York Times about the burgeoning, exploding business of selling reconverted military missile silos into lavish luxury condominiums buried fifteen stories deep under the Earth’s surface, as a means of preparing a safe haven from the cascading negative trends of the world, which, for many also, means the […]

Flowers Blooming in America

Flowers blooming all across America.  A new world. Past, present, and future – voices unfolding in a chorus of joy. Elizabeth and I are holding talks, readings, and conversations everywhere we go – creating a dialogue about the future of our country. On our way, we are creating stunning photo-poems of hope and inspiration. The […]