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February 2019

The True American Founding Fathers

We speak of the spirit of the Founding Fathers, and arguments continue to swirl around the true intent of this country, bands of religious zealots claiming Christianity is at the root of our country’s founding. But this will never hold.  Those patriots who fashioned the Constitution were never aligned behind the concept of a theocracy; […]

Sherwood Anderson & “Winesburg, Ohio”

Sherwood Anderson was a seminal figure in early twentieth century American literature.  His work had a deep influence on many writers who came after him, including Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, and Thomas Wolfe. In 1919, a hundred years ago, his book, “Winesburg, Ohio”, a collection of short stories, appeared on the American literary scene. The […]

The Wall, Borders, A New World & More

The wall is in our face, day-to-day; omnipresent walls trying to fence things out and fence things in; Brexit and things breaking apart; familiar worlds on the verge of shattering to pieces. But something new is coming also. A conversation with James Hilgendorf on Phyllis Haynes’ Profonde TV: ____________________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, […]