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July 2018

The Continuing Civil War

The debate rages: Should we pull down every statue in sight connected to the South’s agenda in the Civil War?  Should we erase all memory of those who fought on the side of the cause of slavery? It is part and parcel of the cultural impasse, the division and anger, that still exists in our […]


OPPORTUNITY How do you forge a way ahead when all corridors are closed, when nothing moves, when all the locks have no keys? This is the point of opportunity. Opportunity resides in your heart and mind, nowhere else. Bend to the task, it will open. New synapses will fire in your brain, new energies course […]

Disappearing Work & Universal Basic Income

Work is changing rapidly in the United States. The unemployment rate presently is somewhere around 4%; but that’s deceiving.  Many are working at minimum or low wage jobs, or working two or three part-time jobs to survive.  Many are driving part-time for Uber or Lyft, or living two or three families in an apartment in […]

This is Truly the Time of the People

This is truly the time of the people. With unbridled capitalism triumphant, and greed and power the only guidelines now of our national politics and the Republican Party, we are looking at the point at which sooner or later, and much more likely sooner, the mainstays of our morals and economy will come tumbling down […]