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December 2017

Trump Takes His Marbles & Goes Home

Little boys sometimes get involved in games of marbles.  Sometimes a certain boy might be the one to bring his marbles to the game.  He is excited about playing, but then he starts losing, gets annoyed, and suddenly quits, gathers his marbles, and leaves the other players unable to play. The United States has always […]

Christmas: A New Name Needed for Ourselves

Christmas has come once again, the new year soon to follow. A new year….   Ah, dreams of a better world.  Round and round since the beginnings of time. Yet pain and suffering still cry out from this village, that town, this city, that nation around the globe. What is it that keeps us bound to […]

A Reminder from Hiroshima

Akihiro Takahashi Hiroshima Survivor “One of our most powerful talents as human beings, they say, is our ability to forget  But I have never forgotten for a moment the horror of that day.  And when my thoughts turn to this subject, I am forced to realize that August sixth marked the real starting point of […]

An American Dream, Come Finally to Fruition

With the passage of the Republican Tax Bill, we are finally brought face to face with the flowering of a vision of life here in America that had been pushing toward the light from a long time ago. It is a dream that has nothing to do with Liberty Bells, or the Statue of Liberty […]

America Reborn

The old dreams of America are dying. These were white-washed fences, and movies where you never saw anyone with a different looking face.  Flags waving in the wind, sweetness everywhere, good guys and bad guys, America forever, blessed by God on high, and dreams of onward and upward, forever and ever. Our dreams have died […]

Black & White

Nelson Mandela survived twenty-seven years in a jail cell. Have you spent even one day and night in jail?  Twenty-seven years was truly an eternity. The incomprehensible thing is how he managed to maintain his humanity amid a desert of timelessness. He wielded a heavy hammer for years in the hot blazing South African sun […]

Maybe We Need A New Religion

Sometime ago, I read a report of a young ten-or-eleven year old boy, who, after being exposed to continuing newspaper and television reports about the fighting going on all over the Middle East, involving Christians, Muslims and Jews, remarked: “Maybe we need a new religion.” Certainly, this week’s Senate election in Alabama highlights the relevance […]

Traveling to a New America – Sebastopol, CA

Last night, I presented a reading from one of my books, “A New Myth for America”, at Coffee Catz in Sebastopol, California, as part of “Traveling to a New America“. This year and next, I’m traveling to towns and cities all across America, meeting people, giving talks and readings, and holding discussions about the future […]

Traveling to a New America – Petaluma, Ca.

Last night, Elizabeth and I stopped in Petaluma, California. An open mic evening was being held, open to the community, at the United Methodist Church. There was some really wonderful, thoughtful and original music being presented, and Elizabeth and I had a chance to get acquainted with some wonderful people.  Music and poetry have the […]

The Sexual Abuse Chasm; God in the White House

So Al Franken is the latest businessman or performer or politician to bite the dust over allegations of sexual misconduct. Women are coming forward.  No doubt it’s long past due to clear the decks about sex and the abuse of power. But the Republican Party is an anomaly.  They view things differently. The most glaring […]