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April 2017

“Maybe We Need A New Religion” Revised Edition Published.

“Maybe We Need A New Religion”, by author James Hilgendorf, has been released in a new, updated, and revised edition. The book was originally conceived when the author read a report of a young ten-year-old boy, who, after being exposed to continuing newspaper and television reports about the fighting going on all over the Middle […]

The Buddha Is Coming To America

Who are we? We have come to a great juncture in human history. We are becoming who we were meant to be all along. The Buddha, the Awakened One. In the past several thousand of years, there were a few who awoke completely to their identity – signposts along the way of what was possible […]

The Buddha & The Dream of America

From the book: “The dream of America is more than the huddled masses coming to our shores.  It is more than a flag waving in the wind.  It is more than the opportunities to get a job or make money or start a business or freedom of religion or liberty bells.  It is something deeper […]

Traveling to a New America – People Along the Way – Napa, California

Traveling to New America.  People Along the Way.  Napa, California. Linda, and her husband David, who has been a grape grower and winemaker for 37 years. _______________________ Linda, what’s your take on America at this time? “I feel it’s a hopeful thing now that so many more people recognize the need to take back our […]

Author James Hilgendorf at Teance Tea House/”Hurricane”

Thursday night, I appeared as the featured guest speaker at Teance, reading poetry and prose pieces from my books. Teance is a tea house in Berkeley, rated one of the Top Ten Tea Tasting Rooms in the world by National Geographic magazine, and the best Teahouse on the West Coast by Sunset magazine. One of […]

Ah, fear is gripping our world.

Ah, fear is gripping our world. Identities retreating into old molds.  Everyone wanting to be themselves, pure, unsullied, safe. Brexit, immigration, walls, cold wars. We do not want the other.  We want to be ourselves. We thought we were headed towards a one-world world.  But now our globe is fracturing into smaller pieces.  Fissures showing […]