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July 2016

Dream Big

Dreams die, too. They can grow to an enchanting vividness, flowers in bloom, then in the next instant, go up in smoke. We awaken.  Harsh, harsh reality. What is required is a constant, unbending vision of the dream.  Let nothing derail our hopes. Our mind is a mirror of our universe.  Our very thoughts, our […]

Traveling to a New America – Inner Richmond, San Francisco

Talking to people, you sense the growing anxiety about the direction of our country, and the fate of the world. Things seem to be splitting apart – human sympathies, national identities, a divisiveness everywhere, a polarization of outlooks, past and present, that is becoming apparent in our national politics and in the conflicts raging and […]

Beyond Atheism

A few months ago, I had a brief conversation with a woman who held no “religious” beliefs at all, and did not want to hear anything whatsoever to do with religion.  She was a devout atheist.  She kept telling me in quite strident tones: “Don’t you know – over the past four hundred years, science […]

Traveling to a New America – Larkspur, California/ Different Visions

Larkspur, California. The Larkspur area was once the site of an Indian village of the Coast Miwok people, reaching back 4500 years into the past, predating even King Tut’s tomb in Egypt. The village site and burial ground was only recently unearthed and then reburied to make way for a large development of modern multi-million […]

Traveling to a New America – Concord, California / A Normal Black and White Day

I’m in downtown Concord, California today, standing in the Todos Santos Plaza, filled with people shopping in a robust farmer’s market. It’s a beautiful day, and the cares of the world, at least from a surface view, don’t seem to be intruding much into peoples’ thoughts and lives today.  But deeper down, America has been […]

Traveling to a New America – San Rafael, California

The Mission San Rafael Arcangel – one of the string of Spanish missions in California – located in downtown San Rafael, about twenty miles north of San Francisco. The Mission was part of an effort by the government of Spain to stake claims on the western coast of the Americas, and to bring the Catholic […]

The Turning Point of a Miracle

THE TURNING POINT OF A MIRACLE At the heart of the most pressing problem lies the key to turning everything around. When the problem will not go away, when it stares you unrelentingly in the face, when you think you cannot go on living even unless it changes, this is the turning point. But the […]

Dallas, Trump, and The Great Gatsby

Naked violence in Dallas. The crescendo of killing is almost too much to bear.  The psyche of the nation stands violated. Who are we as a people?  Who are we as a nation? Our politics, too, bears witness to the emergence of violence and divisions – most notably in the person of Donald Trump, the […]

Traveling to a New America – Hayes Valley, San Francisco

I’m in Hayes Valley, San Francisco today, a trendy neighborhood of boutiques, art galleries, top-notch restaurants and nightspots in the heart of the city. The neighborhood has a nice community feel. San Francisco is a city of youth; and as I continue to talk to young people, and sometimes get into the subject of religion, […]

Ramadan, End Times & The Fourth of July

Ramadan, the holy month of Islam, ends today; and the month has brought us a string of devastating attacks and explosions around the world coordinated by ISIS, concluding yesterday with an attack in Medina, the second holiest spot in Islam, and burial place of the prophet Mohammed. The attack on Medina was also an attack […]