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December 2015

Which Team Are You On?

Watching a football game this Sunday, I was reminded of the various religious leagues we have playing around the world today. Christians, Muslims, Jews – and among these divisions, other leagues and teams: Protestants, Catholics, Evangelists, Sunnis, Shiites, Orthodox, etc. Each with a deep sense of team.  Each waving a flag hoisted high bearing the […]

The Intent of the Universe

We are bound by ourselves, by the shackles of our mind. There is a power waiting to be unleashed, a genie of creation at our beck and call, that can fashion any dream into reality. And what is that source? It is the intent of the universe. That intent is that you shall bring forth […]

What Joy To Be Alive

Turn any corner in Paris, and a New world opens. Different ambience, Tables, crowd, the Whole feel of Excitement, something New. Just a few feet One way or another, And the vibes of the Last few inches in time Give way to new dances And tunes. Life is like that sometimes. Just a certain nudge, […]

Life Is For Growing. Life Is For Dreams

Some would feel pity, not knowing the most difficult path yields the greatest joy. But we do not know this, and so we look for an escape in any direction, away, always away. Boats confronting giant waves and a threatening storm, all alone on the wide expanse of water, head straight into the teeth of […]

The Millennial Change Around The Corner

Life is change.  Moment by moment, we change. Yet the biggest change to happen in thousands and thousands of years is just around the corner. It is you and I.  It is a transformation of galactic dimensions.  It is where we come to realize who we really are. We are the gods we have been […]

Armageddon: The Dream of End Days

Christianity and Islam both hold a burning vision of the end days, Armageddon. A day of justice, when the armies of the righteous will triumph over Satan and unbelievers.  An enormous bloodbath – described either in the Book of Revelation, or the missives of current-day ISIS. This is the dream of so many people.  This […]

The Moment is Forever Now

THE MOMENT IS NOW One has to believe in oneself, against all odds. There is nothing more important.  Let go all ordinary matters. Sharpen your intent.  Call up the voice that has always been within you, deep down, the magical self, that, once believed in and given credence, brings forth immense power and actualization. There […]

Make Beautiful Music

Each one of us possesses an original tune, a piece of music that is unique to the universe. Our task is to give expression to that tune. A reading. ___________ James Hilgendorf is a filmmaker, speaker, and the author of ten non-fiction books opening the way to a new vision of ourselves, a new dream […]

The Turning of Now

Time and space can Turn in a moment, Everything seeming The same, but Everything juxtaposed, Looking like what Happened a minute ago, An hour ago, Five years ago, Without change, yet Everything in the Depths of life Utterly transformed. Now is never the same. Now is now, and Never was before. One’s life can turn […]