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September 2015

Women’s Empowerment: Buddhism, Christianity, & Islam/Speaker Series

The empowerment of women is a topic of extreme importance as we move into a new global civilization.  How do our religions look at women?  This is the topic of one of the talks given in the speaker series of author James Hilgendorf. Any religion, philosophy, or mode of thinking that denigrates women, that treats […]

The Religion of the Future

What will the religion of the future look like? Certainly it will have to reach way beyond where we are at present.  Our current religions are at the root of much of the violence, conflict and wars happening on our planet. Some guidelines for a religion for the future. Comments and a reading from “The […]

Our Youth – Debt Up To Their Ears

I became aware today of the cases of two more young women who are mired down in the national disgrace of our educational system. Both are working.  One is holding down two jobs to pay for her expenses, which includes student debt which she incurred for her college education.  She lives in a large city, […]

What Do Scientists Know?

WHAT DO SCIENTISTS KNOW? Scientists do not know what the universe is made of. Scientists do not know why we dream. Scientists do not know why we sleep. Scientists cannot quantify love. Scientists cannot quantify hatred. Scientists do not know what keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing. Scientists do not know the beginning nor […]

Helen Keller, Amercan Heroine/Speaker Series, James Hilgendorf

Helen Keller – the embodiment of perseverance, determination and victory in the face of seemingly intractable obstacles, is one of the heroines of my life, and of the lives of countless others. Stricken with a disease at age 19 months that left her both blind and deaf for the rest of her life, she found […]

Your Life Is Vast & Limitless/Speaker Series, James Hilgendorf

Perseverance, determination, action, belief in ourselves, never giving up on our dreams.  These are the qualities of eventual victory. But we all hit walls and impasses, when life seems stuck, when nothing moves. Let go, let go.  There is always a way though. ____________________ James Hilgendorf is a speaker, encouraging audiences on a wide array […]

Love, Marriage & Relationships/Speaker Series

Opposites attract, they say.  That’s the case with author and speaker James Hilgendorf, as he tackles marriage, love and relationships in another of his series of talks to diverse groups all across the country. A short reading also from one of his books, “Forever Here”. ____________________ James Hilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books, […]

Live Out Your Dreams

The nature of reality is such that your determination can send tremors into the farthest regions of the universe. A reading, from “The Buddha and the Dream of America”, by author James Hilgendorf. To arrange speaking engagements, contact the author. _________________ James Hilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books, including “The Buddha & the Dream of […]

Students, Money, Elections & America

Students in America are loaded down with debt. I talked to one student recently who just graduated from a major university, and her debt load is close to $100,000.  Another young woman I know has just finished medical school at a prestigious school, and her debt is $300,000. The average debt for graduating students in […]

The Breakthrough

The breakthrough only comes when you have forged invincible faith in yourself. A reading from “A New Myth for the World”, by author James Hilgendorf. _______________ James Hilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books, including “A New Myth for the World”.  His other titles include “The Buddha and the Dream of America”; “A New […]