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July 2015

Forge Out Your Own Reality

The breakthrough comes when you have deepened faith in yourself. Until you have changed something deep within, until you have come to the realization that you can stand up for everything you believe in about yourself, and stake your stand upon that foothold with no compromise, then to receive the benefit – the money, the […]

Christianity: Revamped Paganism

So where did Christianity come from anyway? Looking back deeply into the roots of Christianity, we find a great deal of fogginess and lack of clarity about the earliest beginnings.  Ask the average Christian about the roots of their religion, and they will reply with the standard litany; but about what really happened, what the […]

Speaker Series: Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective

“Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective” is one of the speaker series talks now being given to different groups around the country by author James Hilgendorf.  The talks are based upon one of the author’s books of the same name – “Life & Death: A Buddhist Perspective”. The book grew out of a program which […]

Iran & The Nuclear Problem

The debate now rages over the Iran nuclear deal. The deal means no war for the present, one side proclaims.  The other side counters that we are supporting Iran economically and merely postponing the country’s nuclear ambitions. The real problem, meanwhile, goes unnoticed.  It is the problem of nuclear weapons, period. Nuclear weapons are evil […]

The Dreams Of Life Are Boundless

Life is a great tutor and guide. Everything is geared to bringing out of us our own unknown potential. Facing adversity and problems, we muster up the courage and will to fight and overcome, and as soon as our determination takes another leap forward, the bar is raised to an even greater height. There is […]

The Heart Is Where We Bloom

Nothing can happen unless you believe in yourself. Dig deep down, find what really drives you, and then, with one hundred percent effort and conviction, become that person. You are here, out of all creation, to express yourself.  No one alive can bring forth the potential of your particular voice and being. You are here […]

Youth – Burn With Boldness!

Youth, burn with boldness! Let nothing stand in the way of your dream! Never doubt yourself, never doubt your dream was made to be forged and realized beyond even your imagining. You are here because the universe is here. Beckon from the depths of your heart the grand vision, hold it forever untarnished before your […]

What’s It All About?

The days pass by; triumphs and deceits, loss and gain, people, friends, a thousand, thousand faces of strangers passing by us on the streets; memories of childhood, of innocence; and volcanic eruptions, war, devastation, hungry children in the streets, money lost or won; the common, daily gestures; mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters; our […]

X Marks The Spot

The Pope warned today for his followers to beware:  Satan is still among us! I wonder:  Where does he hang out?  Behind the moon?Invisible, deadly, crouching through the shadows near our arm.  Wreaking havoc, division, drawing down souls into darkness and oblivion, where shall we build up our defenses? Devil and God, goodness and evil, […]

America Reborn

The old dreams of America are dying. These were white-washed fences, and movies where you never saw anyone with a different looking face.  Flags waving in the wind, sweetness everywhere, good guys and bad guys, America forever, blessed by God on high, and dreams of onward and upward, forever and ever. Our dreams have died […]