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March 2015

Chernobyl, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini…

Chernobyl. Rusted, broken-down metal tanks set against a silent sky, beside polluted ponds.  No human in sight. Birds crest over the sullen landscape.  Wolves roam the waterways, scavenging for beavers. This is where man’s folly came into view, this desecrated land, still burning with fires never before seen by cavemen, a fierce, deadly furnace still […]

What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?  This is a question that many people ask. I find the following passage by Daisaku Ikeda very insightful: “What is the purpose of life? It is to become happy. Whatever country or society people live in, they all have the same deep desire: to become happy. 

Yet, there are few ideals as […]

The Miracle Is You

At the heart of the most pressing problem lies the key to turning everything around. When the problem will not go away, when it stares you unrelentingly in the face, when you think you cannot go on living even unless it changes, this is the turning point. But the problem will never change if you […]

A Hole in Our Heart

A young girl I met tonight.  Seemingly bright, inquisitive, quick to respond.  You would think: a lovely young girl. Yet we were talking in a small group later, and she began relating her inner life and feelings. She had been in a deep depression for over a year.  At times she would think of ways […]

Sarah Wider/Transcendentalism & Interconnectedness

In 2014, Sarah Wider, Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Colgate University, and Daisaku Ikeda, founder and president of the Soka Gakkai International, published a dialogue titled “The Art of True Relations: Conversations on the poetic heart of human possibility“. Ms. Wider specializes in the American Renaissance, American women writers of the late nineteenth […]

The Big Business of Education

Education is now big business, and academic institutions and banks are leading the way. I met a young woman recently, a student coming to the end of her four-year college career, and we talked about her dreams and what she wanted to do when she got out of school. As it turns out, her dreams […]

Joseph Campbell – A New Myth or Religion

In a dialogue he conducted toward the end of his life, Joseph Campbell, the great American authority on comparative mythology, and co-creator, along with Bill Moyers, of the television documentary “Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth“, remarked: “When the world changes, then the religion has to be transformed…today there are no boundaries.  The only […]

Thoreau: A Call For Different Drummers

Henry David Thoreau; Ralph Waldo Emerson; Walt Whitman.  These were the great voices and bards of the early American Renaissance.  They spoke to a Dream of America which is still struggling for its true expression. They were the seeds and anchors of the new America. We heard their their voices – still hear their voices […]


One can die and still be alive.  So many ways. One can play golf from early dawn, with dew glistening on the fairways, until dusk, when the light shades down over the fairways. Marking down the score of the day, day after day, nothing left but the freedom of time slipping away through one’s hands. […]