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February 2015

Night Has Descended Upon Russia

Boris Nemtsov is dead, murdered by Vladimir Putin. Oh, yes, Putin did it all right.  Everything he has instituted since being in office has been geared towards Nemtsov’s death.  The death of a sane Russia.  The institution of madness.  The incorporation of fear. Putin is scripting from Adolph Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf.  Murder and betrayal, […]

Bringing To Birth A New Humanity

So this is what it has come to. There is a new world waiting to be opened up, and you and I are the protagonists of this world.  Whether it is brought into the light of the sun and moon and stars is up to us. This is a time to forego thoughts of a […]

Religion, Faith, and Self Empowerment

What is empowerment according to the major world religions? Religions do not often talk about self empowerment.  Rather they talk about faith and adherence to doctrine and dogma. But self empowerment should be at the very heart of any religious dialogue. How do we become the greatest human beings we are capable of becoming? This […]

The Smallest Step

There comes a time when you have to reveal who you are. No one will stand shoulder to shoulder, offering encouragement.  You are alone. Everything is waiting. The smallest step is where you begin.  It seems impossible, of course, that such a small beginning can grow to the limit of your dreams.  But that is […]

Earth Left Behind: So Many People Waiting

So many people want to leave this Earth. They yearn for a final reckoning, a dispensation of divine justice, an eternal damning of the unfaithful. The rivers and skies and lovely meadows and animals and birds of this world mean nothing. Rising upon clouds of a chilling beauty and foreverness, they yearn to go to […]

What Will It Take to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons?

The world’s peoples stand threatened daily by the monstrous shadow of the possible use of nuclear weapons. We try to bury this possibility deep within our collective psyche, yet it is there always, seeming to grow closer to reality each day and month and year. People of all faiths have united to stand up against […]

Believe in Yourself. Believe in Your Dreams.

There comes a time when you just have to hold on. A small boat, amid giant waves, with no land in sight, the sun by day, but dense clouds and utter darkness at night.  Now or never, it is victoryor defeat, life or death. Land must appear, or we are lost. Time to summon forth […]

Prayers Answered

Try as you might, and then nothing in sight. Is it the end?  Are my dreams only whim and smoke? No, it is the genie of the unknown being summoned, the dark hidden force from deep within, roused at last and wondering, wondering, what magic is drawing me to the fore? Great dreams and prayers […]

Upon The Battlements

There is a power in us that something does not want us to know. At every turn, illusion masks the way.  Dark stirrings in our mind, doubts, and signs everywhere warning of danger and loss and impossibility. In olden times, it was dragons, breathing fire and hate, that barred the way.  Or monstrous serpents and […]

Plot Uncovered: Irish Plan to Retake New York City

As if it was not enough that the Russians and Vladimir Putin are scheming and launching covert attacks on Ukraine in an effort to retake territory imputed historically to be Russia’s, a new, and disturbing report has now come to light of a large and secret network of Irish operatives who have been making plans […]