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November 2014

Unknown American Hero

Do you know who this is a photo of? Chances are you don’t, but don’t feel bad because probably not one American in one million does, and that is a National tragedy. His name is Eugene Jacques Bullard, and he is the first African-American fighter pilot in history. But he is also much more then […]

Wars of Religion

Religious wars are heightening and breaking out all over the world. Throughout the Middle East and Africa, the conflicts are boiling to the surface.  Differences in beliefs, differences in the way we look at ourselves and the world around us.  Differences that keep dividing us into more entrenched, more irreconcilable units of humankind. Missing in […]

The Real Dream of America

Even if we lose everything here in America that we have known up to this moment in time – the vast economic superiority, the money, the arrogance of power, the thousands of nuclear weapons, the tanks, the submarines, the stealth bombers, the opulence, television and big sports games and mega shopping malls – America and […]

Thoreau & Nuclear Weapons

In “Civil Disobedience”, Henry David Thoreau wrote: “How does it become a man to behave toward this American government today?  I cannot for an instant recognize that political organization as my government which is the slave’s government also.” He was talking about another time and another issue, of course, but his calling to account might […]

Determination: The Source of Our Inner Power

What moves the planets into that perfect alignment, where power and energy, previously blocked and frustrated, move with unrelenting force into new channels of being? Patience.  Determination in the face of all odds.  Refusal to give in.  Belief in oneself.  Recognition of one’s own power.  Appreciation of the source of that power, lying deep within […]