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September 2014

Barriers Are Here To Make Us Grow

Today I came across a very tiny yellow flower that had somehow lodged its roots into a slim crack in the sidewalk concrete. What a lovely flower!  Shining, effervescent, a bold venturer where no other flower would go. All alone, yet seeming to care nothing for that fact.  Enough simply to be. There are many […]

Time is Moving By

Time is moving by And the lights come down. Bedtime in the quiet rooms, The sound of rain and wind Beyond the windows. We should touch each other Moment by moment, Remember each passing Word and motion, Stand in the flow of time And be still forever, while Ages unfold and disappear. Here and now, […]

The Universe is Waiting

The universe is waiting. There will be no response, until the resolve in one’s heart overcomes the doubt in one’s mind. To become everything, to overcome everything, and still more, to wrack one’s brain and sinew, to have faith beyond anything. It is all within oneself. Dream big, and move the levers of the universe […]

Scotland, the Beautiful

So the vote for Scottish independence goes down to defeat once again. If you have ever visited Scotland, you know the beauty of the country.  You know the history.  You know the people’s yearning for an identity. Some years ago, my wife, brother and I spent a few days in Scotland, starting in Edinburgh, and […]

Suffering Transformed Into Joy

To know that every wall and every obstacle that you meet is a blessing in disguise is the beginning of real wisdom.  It calls forth the best in our nature. Suffering is to be transformed into joy. Our lives become a story of our own making, we decide the outcome.  You and I are all […]


Youth!  What do you think this life is about?  The show, the glitter, the elbowing for position and glory and fame and money – is that a life? When time passes, and the real meaning of all that you have done and experienced becomes finally manifest, nothing, but nothing, will remain whatsoever but the memory […]

Russia: Descent into the Past

Vladimir Putin has turned Russia on a path into the past, a catastrophe for the Russian people. The world is heading towards a planetary globalization, but at the same time, the forces for disintegration and separation are rampant.  Peoples, cultures, and nations want to pull back and retreat into their own smaller, comfortable world.  These […]