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July 2014

Hiroshima, Aug. 6 – I Must Work on Myself Once Again

Hiroshima, August 6, 1945.  The dropping of the Bomb on the city. THE BATTLE “I must work on myself once again. “Conflicted with darkness and light, now raging, now filled with joy. “To look into the hearts of others and find myself there.  To feel.  To be aware of life’s potential.  To be strong.  To […]

Elephants Dreaming

Ah, the elephants, Swinging their trunks, Then dangling along in the dirt. Two giants, side by side, Moving to one another, Slowly, slowly, remembering. One trunk goes up against The other’s head, listening, Sensing, transmitting Memories from long ago. Their eyes are dark. They center themselves in an Elephant universe. Elephant time. Feeling so deep […]

Cherish Hope – Dreaming on Open Seas

One must cherish hope deep in one’s heart.  One has to put down roots that can never be shaken loose. The dream is the only thing that sustains us at times. Everything can seem to go up in smoke.  Then there is nothing, there is only the dream. So it has always been.  Ancient mariners, […]

Putin and his Hero Tolstoy

I read recently that Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” is one of Vladimir Putin’s very favorite books. Of course, Tolstoy is one of the world’s great writers, and a symbol of the artistic greatness of Russia’s past.  So it is no wonder that Putin embraces Tolstoy and likes to align his own image with that of […]

The Real America

Even if we lose everything here in America that we have known up to this moment in time – the vast economic superiority, the money, the arrogance of power, the thousands of nuclear weapons, the tanks, the submarines, the stealth bombers, the opulence, television and big sports games and mega shopping malls – America and […]

D. H. Lawrence, America, & A New Religion

D. H. Lawrence, in his work, “Studies in Classic American Literature, made the following statement about America: “But you have there the myth of the essential white America. All the other stuff, the love, the democracy, the floundering into lust, is a sort of by-play. The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a […]