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April 2014

Flowers Can Bloom From Nowhere

Flowers can bloom from nowhere. From the deepest gloom, brimstone And dreams gone awry, then Tiny buds of hope flower into Your view. Bitter the days, cold winds Strafing the land, then Sun and waters flowing Down through sweet valleys. I would hope to live forever. By your side, tasting whites and Blacks and blues, […]

Popes, Saints & Miracle Workers

Now we have two more saints in our world, the Italian Pope John XXIII, and the Polish pontiff, Pope John Paul II. It takes a lot of time, paperwork, and pulling strings within the Catholic Church to be declared a saint.  Miracles are required – two as a matter of fact – but when none, […]

America is the Promise of the Self

America is the promise of the self. It is the unfolding, finally, of everything that was imagined or dreamed. It is finding the very core of the universe, and all the gods and demons and stars and suns and galaxies, within one’s very own heart. Look into the mirror.  Who is there? Ultra powerful reflector […]

Can We Become the Flower of Our Dreams?

How much are we really capable of? There are seeming bounds and limits.  A flower can only grow to the foregone patterns of its seed. Yet life allows for stretching, waverings in the wind.  The force of weather and storms and rain breed new determinations. Power comes from unknown depths. With time passing, new circuits […]

Russia’s Decline into the Past

The recent chaotic events in Ukraine have Russia making a u-turn away from progress and the future. The entire movement of world events and ideas is demanding that individuals, as well as nations, shed their attachments to small egos and identities, and grow into a consciousness of themselves as members of a global family, the […]

EU – Whither Now?

The chaos in Ukraine is causing a reassessment of many things among members of the European Union.  Putin’s Russian government’s overtures in that country threaten to disturb economic progress, as well as pose a military challenge as well to the EU and EU countries on the border with Russia. It is an unsettling time, one […]

Putin, Dostoyevsky, and Russian Messianism

The hysteria that has erupted over the Ukraine revolution has as its underlying cause much more than simply a question of land or economics or nationalities. At the heart of the issue are two very different world views – that of the West, the other of Russia – and it is not something that the […]

Putin, Tolstoy & Christianity

The great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace, was an ardent pacifist, whose message of non-violence and non-violent resistance had a profound impact upon Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others who followed. Tolstoy held Christian beliefs, particularly in Jesus Christ’s teachings (though he saw Jesus as a man, not […]

Time is Turning as Ever

A horse walks down the street.  Flowers are in bloom.  From every side, onlookers hang from window sills, gawking. The town is alive, breathing smoke and fire, galloping through the day,a living creature intent upon fields of hay. In the fields, young lads lie dreaming.  Is it all real? they ask themselves. The village clock […]

Global Warming. The Solution: Human Revolution

The new United Nations report out on global warming is filled with dire forecasts, predicting that unless, somehow, humanity changes its attitude and course of action in regard to the ecosphere, billions of people around the globe will be adversely affected. The key here is that people have to change. The world right now is […]