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March 2014

Time for a New Religion

Sometime ago, I read a report of young ten-or-eleven year old boy, who, after begin exposed to continuing newspaper and television reports about the fighting going on all over the Middle East, involving Christians, Muslims and Jews, remarked: “Maybe we need a new religion.” Certainly he cannot be blamed for his reaction. All over the […]

Putin, Judo, and the Decline of Russia

Vladimir Putin likes to show off his judo skills, even posting a performance and lecture on YouTube. Judo, however, in its purest form, is the gentle science, utilizing an opponent’s strength to defeat the opponent.  The dynamics of judo reveal that this show of power from Putin has already been turned against him. He has […]

Russia and Ukraine: Identities on Trial

Ukraine/Russia/Europe/United States. The standoff and confrontation continues and deepens and hardens along fracture lines. We have been here before, many times.  The old nation states, the boundaries, the waving of threats and swords. This all has to be shoveled and buried finally in the twenty-first century.  No quarter given.  It is time for a different […]