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December 2013

Mandela & His Friends

Yes, everyone is lauding the life of Nelson Mandela at this time, and rightly so.  His life was a unique expression of what it means to truly be a human being, and of what it means to truly be a great humanistic leader. Several years ago, I visited the cell on Robben Island, off Cape […]

Education in War, Peace & Non-Violence

I believe that in every school where children are taught the whole range of current curriculum, they should also be taught peace.  They should be taught non-violence.  They should be presented with the horrors of war directly coming from the experiences of people who suffered through them. They should hear the stories of women and […]

The Miracle is You

How do we bring forth our dreams?  How do we become the person we envision? At times, we may reach a point when nothing seems to move forward, when a breakthrough seems remote and impossible. We may not realize it, but this is the turning point. We have to dig deeper into who we really […]