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November 2013

The Dream of America & The Books of James Hilgendorf

The Dream of America – what is it? Going beyond the usual concepts of the American Dream – meaning economic opportunity – author James Hilgendorf explores the idea of America itself, its spiritual dimensions, and the still unfulfilled promise of what this country can be. His seven books each touch upon some aspect of this […]

Health Care Debacle: Crisis of Caring

The current media circus centering around Obamacare and the politicians in Washington on both sides jockeying for position and soundbites, is a national tragedy. The problem is an utter lack of compassion at the core of the leadership of this country. Yes, Obamacare, if it could be property rolled out, is a step in the […]

The Universe is Waiting

The universe is waiting. There will be no response, until the resolve in one’s heart overcomes the doubt in one’s mind. To become everything, to overcome everything, and still more, to wrack one’s brain and sinew, to have faith beyond anything. It is all within oneself. Dream big, and move the levers of the universe […]