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July 2013

An Antidote to Hitlers

I recently watched an excellent documentary on PBS called “Hitler on Trial”. It is the story of a now little-known German attorney, Hans Litten, who used his lawyering talents to try to expose and stop the rise of Adolph Hitler back when Hitler was still something of an unknown to most of the world. In […]

Hiroshima Kindle e-book free 5 days

The anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima is once again upon us – August 6, 1945. “The New Superpower“, a Kindle e-book on Amazon.com, inspired by what happened at Hiroshima, is being offered free for five alternate days, beginning July 24th. In 2006, I video interviewed people across the United States about Hiroshima and nuclear […]

The End of the Stock Market

The stock market has been climbing ferociously, new heights, never looking back.  In many cities, real estate prices have gone insane, no inventory, multiple offers, twenty percent over the asking price. There is a feeding frenzy on. From first glance, it looks like the good times are coming back once again.   Lost ground has been […]

Popes, Saints, & Neanderthals

So the Vatican finally discovered a second miracle to attribute to Pope John Paul II, thus clearing the way for his path to sainthood. Not many of the masses of humanity make it into the category of “saints” in the Catholic Church.  It entails a difficult and long process of canonization. What is a saint […]