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June 2013

“Poems of Death”, A New Dream of America, Free on Kindle for 2 Days

“Poems of Death: Time for Eternity”, the sixth and latest book by author James Hilgendorf, is being offered free as a free Kindle e-book download on Amazon.com for two consecutive days, June 29 and June 30, 2013. “Poems of Death” refers to a passage in Walt Whitman’s great work “Democratic Vistas”, in which he states:  […]

Sherwood Anderson & The Dream of America

Sherwood Anderson, author of “Winesburg, Ohio”. I have been rereading, once again, the stories of Sherwood Anderson – “Winesburg, Ohio”, “Many Marriages”, “Poor White”. Especially in “Winesburg, Ohio”, I am struck by the haunting beauty of his writing.  To me, there is always in his work a deep impulse, which he may never have been […]