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May 2013

Remember Your Likeness in the Mirror

Our lives extend so far.  Each ambiance of motion ripples in unseen ways throughout the fabric of time and space. Those things we thought unimportant, simple acts or gestures, rebound throughout the halls of the cosmos and find expression in similar kind in peoples’ faces, their gestures, their ways of moving about our lives. It […]

Kindle Free Book Nonfiction – A New American Dream

“Poems of Death: Time for Eternity”, the sixth and latest book by author James Hilgendorf, is being offered free as an e-book download on Amazon.com today, May 23, and tomorrow, May 24, 2013. “Poems of Death” refers to a passage in Walt Whitman’s great work “Democratic Vistas”, in which he states:  “In the future of […]

Poems of Death – A New Dream for America, Free on Kindle for 3 days.

“Poems of Death: Time for Eternity”, is the sixth and latest book by author James Hilgendorf.  All of his previous books speak of a new dream for America, and this book is no exception. In 1871, in his great work, “Democratic Vistas”, America’s great poet Walt Whitman wrote: “In the future of these States must […]