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June 2012

Health Care: Who Are We?

The health care debate continues, roiling in deep anger even after the momentous Supreme Court decision validating Obamacare. Many millions more of our people will now be covered for basic healthcare, patients cannot be dropped because of previous problems, children can remain on their parents’ healthcare until age 26, Medicaid can be extended throughout the […]

D. H. Lawrence – “I am Part of the Sun”

D. H. Lawrence, one of the greatest writers of the past century, quote: “What man most passionately wants is his living wholeness and his living unison, not his own isolate salvation of his “soul.” Man wants his physical fulfillment first and foremost, since now, once and once only, he is in the flesh and potent. […]

The White Rose – True Patriots

What is true patriotism? In Nazi Germany, at the height of Hitler’s demonic power, when millions were being slaughtered or persecuted or gassed, there existed a handful of students at Munich University, calling themselves the Weisse Rose, or White Rose, who stood up against the awful power of the State. In a series of secretly […]

Syria: Mirror of a Polarized World

The current uprising in Syria, with reform opposition forces pitted against an adamantly brutal government regime, is a another local insurrection of the Arab Spring, but it is also perfectly mirroring a continuing crisis and polarization confronting the world as a whole. Forces and arguments are lined up on both sides of the conflict.  President […]

End of Earth as we know it? The Tipping Point.

A group of scientists are are putting up warning flags that population growth, climate change and environmental damage are pushing our planet Earth towards a tipping point that will cause irreversible changes for the human race and other life. Take a look at this recent article. ________________ James Hilgendorf is the author of five books, […]