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February 2011

Great Leaders: The U.S., the Mideast & Elsewhere.

A commentary on leaders appeared on one of the news programs this week. A young lady somewhere in the Mideast, amid all the turmoil unfolding around the world, gave her own assessment: “I don’t really care who our leaders are.  I don’t feel it really matters.  None of them are working for the people.  They […]

What is Democracy? The World in Upheaval: A Buddhist Perspective.

Democracy, and especially democracy in America, is a concept we usually take for granted.  It means a vast variety of things: freedom, liberty, the right to vote, equal representation, freedom of religion, and so on. The world is now experiencing a vast upheaval throughout the Mideast and Arab countries; and for us here in the […]

Who Are We? Buddhism, Identity, and the Dream of America.

Who are we?  Buddhism has always looked deeply into this question.  In “The Buddha and the Dream of America”, author James Hilgendorf ‘s new book, our deepest identity is at the very core of the answer – an identity that looks beyond the more common ways we identify ourselves, by religion, by gender, by ethnicity, […]

Hiroshima Hibakusha: Survivors of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

Hiroshima Hibakusha – survivors of the  Hiroshima Atomic Bomb – are dwindling in number.  They are the last remaining keepers of the record of what happened in Hiroshima that fatal day, August 6th, 1945, when the first nuclear weapon was unleashed upon a civilian population. That day was a pivotal point in human history.  We […]