Traveling to a New America – Texas, January, 2018

Traveling to a New America“, a nationwide journey of hope and renewal, moves to Texas in January, 2018, to the cities of San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.

Filmmaker, speaker and author James Hilgendorf will be giving talks to groups and holding discussions with people everywhere – in coffee shops, on the streets, in all three cities during a five-day period from January 15th to January 19th.

Hilgendorf is also inviting people to be a part of this journey through a crowdfunding page at Kickstarter .

Kickstarter Traveling to a New America

“There’s so much divisiveness and turmoil in our country right now,” Hilgendorf says, “so much anger and loss of hope; but I feel that this is also a time of immense opportunity, of new beginnings, of an enormous shift in the way we look at ourselves, of our individual potential and the potential of these fifty states.”

A New Myth for America BuddhismHilgendorf is the author of ten non-fiction books that are opening the way to a new vision of ourselves, a new dream of America.  One of these is “A New Myth for America“, which is the centerpiece of his readings and talks.

One reviewer wrote:

“I do believe a book like ‘A New Myth for America’ can not only spark an important dialogue in the world, but help us to look at the future with more hope, because we know that all is not lost”. – Cyrus Webb, “Conversations Book Club”

Texas is just the first stage in a seven-stage journey the author is beginning that will cover towns and cities throughout the Midwest, South, and East Coast, culminating in Boston and Concord, Massachusetts in July.

An example of his talks, readings, and dialogue is a recent stop in Taos, New Mexico, where he held a reading at SOMOS, Society of the Muse of the Southwest.

The post for that talk is on his Traveling to a New America Facebook Page.

Discussion at SOMOS in Taos, New MexicoA few comments from the audience in Taos were as follows:

“I was deeply moved by your talk.  It resonated on many levels.”

“It was inspiring and challenging.  The author is a combination of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bernie Sanders, Karl Marx, the Buddha, Ralph Nader, and Walt Whitman.”

“I enjoyed your presentation, especially your optimism and dedication.  I am inspired to remain optimistic in these changing times.”

For more information on the author, visit his website.

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